Mentos Sugar Free Peppermint

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Mentos Candy Peppermint Flip Top Box

The NEW Sugar Free Mentos are here! Experience the instant freshness of Mentos in a small bite sized, sugar-free candy that's perfect for anytime consumption.

  • Nutrition Information

    Average Quantity per serving Average Qty per serving
    Per piecePER 100g
    Energy 803 kJ 9 kJ
    Protein 0 g 0 g
    Total Fat 4.3 g 0 g
    Saturated Fat 4.1 g 0 g
    Total Carbohydrate 6.9 g 0.1 g
    Sugars 0.1 g 0 g
    Erythritol 32 g 0.4 g
    Maltitol 23.2 g 0.3 g
    Sorbitol 1.3 g 0 g
    Dietary Fibre, total 28 g 0.3 g
    Sodium 10 mg 0 mg
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: bulking agent (polydextrose), erythritol, maltitol, vegetable oil, humectants (sorbitol, glycerol), maltodextrin, corn starch, emulsifier (citric and fatty acid esters of glycerol), flavouring, cocoa butter, thickeners (sodium carboxymethylcellulose, gellan gum, gum arabic), glazing agents (carnauba wax, beeswax, shellac), sweetener (steviol glycosides). May contain milk, soy.

  • Natural Flavours, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Added Colours

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